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Terms & Conditions


The regular attendance is required of all the students. The attendance records are maintained by the Administration Office with the help of our faculty members who may expel a student from the Academy for a fairly regular non- attendance. Before being expelled, the student will be asked to attend a meeting with the Course Director in order to discuss the issue when the student is absent over three times without providing a justified reason for his absence.

Deposits, Fee Payments and Refunds Policy

All students are required to pay course fees. A non-refundable Registration Fee of £150 is payable to the Academy for each selected course. The registration fee of £150 is non- refundable under any circumstances. The Academy reserves the right to request an evidence of sufficient funds for tuition fees that students have to pay. For all the courses in Care International Academy courses, there is a required initial deposit of 50% to be paid as a confirmation of enrolment. Students are responsible for registering to those bodies and making payments and subscriptions to them accordingly. The remaining balance of course fees can be paid in one of the following options:

  • A full payment for the whole duration of the course (eligible for a 5%-discount)
  • The outstanding balance (of 50%) before the start of the second semester
  • A mutually-agreed payment plan.
  • Refund Policy

    Failure to observe condition 1 above will lead to no claims being accepted and no refunds being made. Once a student is accepted and enrolled on a course in the Academy, it will not be possible to defer the commencement of the course except under exceptional circumstances; however, a deferment fee equivalent to the first intake will be charged. If a student voluntarily opts out of their programme, fees already paid are non-refundable and payment for the whole of that academic year will be chargeable. If the Academy decides on valid grounds not to run a course or terminates a particular course before its completion, due to lack of a viable number of students or any other reason, students may transfer to an alternative course in Care International Academy or the tuition fees already paid for the remaining duration of the course will be refunded. If a student chooses to withdraw from a course, the following refund policy will be applied:

  • If a written notice is given a minimum of 4 weeks before the commencement of the course, all fees paid will be refunded less than £250.
  • If less than a 4-week notice is given before the course commencement, £450 will be retained by the Academy.
  • After the commencement of the course no fees can be refunded and payment for the whole academic year will be charged from the student.
  • In all cases, students who have been provided with the documentation confirming their enrolment in Care International Academy are not eligible for a refund (except at the discretion of the College).
  • If students want to defer the course to the next intake, a deferment fee equivalent to the first intake will be charged.
  • Sanctions for Non Payment of Fees

    Students will be penalised for non-payment of course fees especially where no viable explanation for missing a payment is given to the Academy. A £50 charge will be applied for non-payment of instalments when they are due. The Academy will withdraw students that continuously fail to comply with payment plans that they have agreed to. Two warnings (one verbal and the other written) will be issued, after which, any such student will be expelled from the course and subsequently from the Academy. In this case, no money will be refunded to the student. Students that pay by Cheque that return unpaid will be charged £50 and the College will no longer accept further payments by personal Cheque submitted by them. Any bank charges incurred will be borne by the student. The Academy will add any charge incurred to the students’ total course fees which are outstanding.

    Settlement of Fees

    Students are encouraged to pay their course fees in a full amount prior to the course commencement if possible. A 5%-discount of the total fees is given to students who pay the total amount of their tuition fees. Discounts of £100 are also given to students who refer new students that get enrolled on a course. Arrangements can be made for payments to be settled in instalments. The initial deposits of 50% of the annual course fee must be paid before a payment plan can be proposed. However, a 3- interest will be charged for the outstanding balance