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Vacancy List


Job description:
Your role as a sales executive is to sell the company’s products and services to
individuals, businesses, and government organisations. As well as approaching
potential customers with the aim of winning new business, you will strive to maintain
good relationships with existing clients, gaining repeat business wherever possible.
Entry requirements of this job:
There are no minimum academic requirements, although candidates with GCSEs/S
grades or equivalent qualificationswith experience in sales will be preferred. Further
training will be provided on-the-job.
Tasks required by this job include:
discusses customer requirements and advises them on the capabilities and
limitations of the services being sold;
* Set up meetings with potential clients and listen to their wishes and concerns;
* Makes follow up visits to ensure customer satisfaction and to obtain further
* prepare and deliver appropriate presentations on products and services;
* create frequent reviews and reports with sales and financial data;
* stays abreast of advances in product/field and suggests possible
improvements to product or service;
* maintains records and accounts of sales made and handles customer

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Job description:
As a Training Manager, your responsibility is to help our business by developing,
facilitating and supervising training programmes for employees. You would assess
the needs of the business, implement training and development plans, and facilitate
a wide variety of training programmes that enhance the effectiveness of the
Entry requirements of this job:
Candidate must be qualified at the degree level and can become a training manager
with any degree subject, however prior experience as a trainer/teacher is essential.
Tasks required by this job include:
* Develop training plans and materials;
* Work with external providers to create specialist courses;
* Set up and monitor coaching and mentoring schemes;
* Manage and lead a training team;
* Assess the impact of training programmes;
* Write reports and keep records up to date;
* Assesses training requirements and prepares lectures, demonstrations and
study aids;
* Arranges work experience and instructional visits for trainees;
* Advises on training programmes and discusses progress or problems with
staff and trainees;
* Devises general and specialised training courses in response to particular

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Job Description:
As a career Advisor, the candidate will provide professional career guidance
services, including personal guidance interviews,in order to improve pupils’ skills,
knowledge and understanding for career planning andmanagement.
Entry Requirements of this Job:
The candidate must be educated at a degree level.Relevant experience in Careers
Support and Guidance is desirable.
Tasks required by this job include:
* Maintain and develop contacts with universities and other FE/HE
providers,Education Business Partnership, other local independent schools;
* Maintain records e.g. career guidance status, destinations;
* Attend careers conferences;
* Build links with business, industry and the professions, and arrange regular
inputfrom these areas to provide information on employment and training
* Ensure all relevant compliance documentation related to careers, for example
theCareers Policy, is up to date and reflects our current practice;
* Help to develop client CVs and advise on completing applications, job hunting
and interview techniques.
* Research various careers, training options and support organisations that can
aid our clients.
* Deliver group sessions and presentations on both career and personal
development topics.
* Source informational products or create careers literature to benefit your

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Job Description:
The post holder will coordinate and teach programmes designed specifically for adult
learners. Also, typical activities involve designing and teaching courses, liaising with
further education authorities and following curriculum development.
Entry Requirements of this Job:
The candidate would require a degree or equivalent and an adult teaching
qualification at level 5 or above, or a commitment to gain one within an agreed
timescale, depending on individual circumstances. Ability to develop learning
resources is beneficial.Effective curriculum and lesson planning which meets
individual needs is essential.
Tasks required by this job include:
* Preparing for and teaching courses to students including the provision of
appropriateteaching materials.
* Involving learners in the planning and implementing of their learning activities.
* Creating a climate that encourages and supports learning.
* Fostering a spirit of collaboration in the learning setting.
* Developing a rapport with members of the class, to meet the needs of each
and deliver a structured and fulfilling learning experience.
* Foster critically reflective thinking.
* Assessing and recording pupils progress, through coursework and
* Engage in continuous professional/staff development and training.

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